Virus Removal

Contracted a virus?

Our technicians have a variety of methods for removing even the trickiest virus from your home PC and making sure it doesn't return.

What are computer viruses?

Computer viruses are created by humans and designed with an intention to interfere with normal computer operations.

Computer viruses can lock you out of your machine, cause data corruption, and even erase every bit of information stored on your computer.

Computer viruses have been known to spread through email messages and are often hidden within audio, image or video files.

What can these viruses do?

Viruses can corrupt or delete data on your computer or even lock you out of it entirely.

In some cases your browser is taken under control, you may find you are being redirected to sites that you have no interest in. The redirect search results contain more ads and /or objectionable content.

Viruses can also gather information needed for identity theft!

Virus and Malware Removal

Geeks on Wheels can remove any Virus /Malware /Spyware from your computer or laptop.

Viruses can be removed remotely at affordable rates although more complex viruses can take up to 1-3 hours; therefore, it may require an on-site visit from one of our Geeks

Alternatively just pop your PC /Laptop into our store for cheaper rates.

Call us now on: 0203 051 7977 for some friendly advice.

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