7 Of The Top Tech Gifts To Buy This Christmas Season

7 Of The Top Tech Gifts To Buy This Christmas Season

After an unsettled 2020, 2021 was always going to be like ‘that difficult second album’, desperately trying to find its rightful place in uncertain, unusual, and changing times. But, despite everything, tech still finds a way to keep on rolling and, as always, it hasn’t disappointed.

So as we approach Christmas 2021, it’s time to take a look at some of the year’s best smart tech that could make the perfect gift for gadget-obsessed friends, family – or even yourself. Keep reading for our roundup of some of the best tech gifts of the year…

1. Apple iPhone 13 | From £679

Released back in September, Apple’s latest iPhone continues to wow the tech world. While not breaking any new ground in overall design, all iPhone 13’s superpowers are found under the hood. With a new and improved dual 12MP camera system, a supercharged A15 Bionic (yes, really) chip, and a beefed-up battery that claims to last 2.5 hours longer than before, Apple are really going to town in delivering what matters.

On top of that, it also comes with 5G connectivity, is splash, water, and dust resistant, and comes with magnetic MagSafe wireless charging. Phew. You even have a choice of four models: the standard iPhone 13, the Mini, the Max, or the Max Pro. But whichever version you choose, the iPhone 13 is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses | From £299

A brand so synonymous with style, cool, and attitude, it might seem difficult for Ray-Ban to get any more iconic, but somehow they’ve managed it. Ray-Ban has teamed up with Facebook for the introduction of their Stories smart sunglasses, in a choice of styles and colours, to deliver a new way to connect and share.

Thanks to dual 5MP HD cameras embedded into the frames, you can take hands-free hi-res photos and high-quality video and share them straight to your Facebook account, all using voice control. You can also listen to music and make calls, adjusting the volume using the touch control system on the arm. With its own charging case, this could be the perfect gift for the influencer in your life.

3. IKEA/Sonos Symphonisk WiFi speaker | From £89

Smart speakers are still all the rage, giving you streamed music or podcasts via your WiFi, wherever you want to listen. But in a new partnership, home furnishing behemoth, IKEA, has teamed up with audio giant, Sonos, to create Symphonisk, a new collection of home WiFi speaker devices that are designed to blend in rather than stand out.

With a range that includes a bookshelf and a lamp that provide the best in sound quality, there’s also a picture frame. Coming with a choice of different panels that can be changed to suit your mood or your decor, it can be hung or leaned to catch your eye and your ear at the same time.

4. Google Nest Hub 2 | From £55

If you’re still yelling ‘Hey Google!’ at your smart home assistant, then the Google Nest Hub 2 could be an ideal upgrade. This 7” touchscreen smart display gives you full voice and gesture controls and all the features you need from a smart speaker, making the Nest Hub ideal for streaming from all the top music and on-screen entertainment apps.

Handy enough to move from room to room, including your bedroom, one of the best things about this 2nd generation upgrade is the Sleep Sensing feature. Not only can you find out exactly how much and how well you slept last night, but it also includes a Sunrise alarm that slowly lights up before the alarm goes off, giving you a more natural way to wake up.

5. Dodow Sleep Aid | From £49

Insomnia can affect all of us from time to time, some more than others. But the Dodow is a sleep aid with plenty of glowing reviews and professional backing designed to help all of us get a better nights sleep, just by following some simple breathing exercises in bed.

This circular pod looks more like a trinket tray, but by activating the device, its calming blue light is projected onto your ceiling via a simple touchpad. You can then synchronise your breathing as the light expands and retracts. By the end of either the 8 or 20-minute sessions, you’ll be in a more relaxed state to get some deep and meaningful sleep.

6. PhoneSoap Phone Sanitiser | From £50

The events of the last couple of years have taught us all to be a little bit more wary of bacteria, dirt, and grime. But while you might think your phone is clean, think again. Thankfully, the PhoneSoap phone sanitiser brings safe, bug-zapping UV light to kill 99.99% of germs lurking on your phone.

By using a patented 360º disinfection process, there’s no nook or cranny that can be left untouched, leaving your phone 100% clean and bacteria-free. Place your phone (or keys, wallet, Airpods, or anything else) in the chamber for 10 mins and you’re done. There’s also the PhoneSoap Pro (bigger and faster), as well as the Home Soap for bigger items, and more.

7. Tile Bluetooth Trackers | From £20

We all misplace our vital bits of everyday gear from time to time, like our keys, purse, or wallet. But we might also need to keep an eye on bigger things like luggage, backpacks, or laptop bags from going walkabout when we’re travelling. Step forward, Tile – the handy range of Bluetooth trackers.

The Tile Mate can be attached to your keys or bag while the Tile Slim can fit neatly into your wallet. Whatever it is you don’t want to lose, Tile can keep tabs on it for you. Working within a 250ft range and using the free Tile app, your phone’s Bluetooth can pick up Tile’s signal and tell you exactly where your item is. It also has voice-assisted finding, compatible with Alexa, Google, and Siri, and works with Apple and Android devices.

Our Top Tech Gifts For Christmas 2021

The tech world never sleeps, so this little selection really is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tech gifts for Christmas. But with plenty to choose from, even on this list, there’s something for every tech and gadget fan to enjoy.

And, of course, the team at Geeks On Wheels are just a click or a call away if you need fast, efficient, and helpful on-site and remote tech support services for any of your new tech – or even your current work IT systems or home WiFi set up. When you need us just get in touch.

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