During the November lockdown we will still be operating. We will be doing as much as possible remotely and with doorstep collections/drop offs of computers.

For issues that cannot be resolved with either of these two methods we will carry out emergency home and office visits with appropriate PPE and measures taken to try and prevent the spread of the virus.

We are unable to allow ‘walk-in’ clients onto the premises at Totteridge Lane. Therefore, if you require an urgent computer repair, please call us on 0203 051 7977 to discuss your IT issue.

IT Technician visits:

We won’t be able to send a technician to your house at the moment if you or someone in your household:

·         Has any Covid-19 symptoms

·         Is self-isolating or has been recently diagnosed with Covid-19

·         Is waiting for a Covid-19 test result

·         Has recently returned from a country on the quarantine list

Where we are unable to fix your computer remotely, we are sending technicians out to fix IT issues. To keep you safe, our technicians will:

·         Make sure you are comfortable for them to enter your home

·         Limit the amount of time they need to be in your home

·         Wear relevant PPE

·         Maintain a safe, social distance at all times

On-site guidelines for clients:

·         All surfaces are to be cleaned before the visit

·         Leave all windows and doors open during the visit, if possible

·         During the visit, maintain social distancing of two metres or go into another room

·         The technician will wear Personal Protective Equipment to keep both them and you safe