Merry Christmas to All Our Clients From Geeks on Wheels

Merry Christmas 2019

In all the holiday rush, we want to take a moment to wish you all the best this holiday season and to provide you with a few important updates.

There’s important information to know about related to Windows 7 below. We also want to share some information about our best blog posts to keep you in the know about important technology news.

Most importantly, from our team to you and yours a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your holidays with family and friends, make new memories and cherish the time. Have fun playing with your tech toys this holiday season.

News on Microsoft’s Windows 7

Microsoft first brought Windows 7 to the marketplace in October of 2009. For over ten years it’s been the operating system on the computers you use.

Microsoft said at the outset it would provide updates for this operating system for ten years. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will NO longer provide support, upgrades or updates for Windows 7.

If you still use Windows 7, it is recommended that you switch to Windows 10 before this date to keep your computer and all the information it stores safe.

Checkout Our Top Blog Posts of 2019

Before the year comes to an end, be sure to visit our blog for the best in tech news and information. Here are some of our top blog posts from 2019.

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In life the saying goes you should have good friends and a good mechanic. The same could be said for knowing a good tech team to support you in all of your tech needs. We were happy to be named Best Independent Retailer. Read all about it in Geeks on Wheels Best Independent Retailer.

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As we wind down 2019, come back in 2020 for more new tech news.

Merry Christmas Wishes and 2020 Full of Health, Happiness and Technology

May this holiday season bring you and your loved ones joy, health, and happiness.

We continue to appreciate being your source for all things technology related. Contact us about your technology needs. We are here to help.

Merry Christmas wishes from our team at Geeks On Wheels to you and yours.

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