Merry Christmas To All Our Clients From Geeks On Wheels

Merry Christmas to All Our Clients From Geeks on Wheels

After the events of 2020 took us all by surprise, it proved to be a year where we all had to get used to the ‘new normal’. Making it through that year was no mean feat for anyone running their own business. But 2021 offered us all new hope and gave us an opportunity to assess and adjust how we operate and put some exciting plans in place for 2022.

So, as Christmas rolls around once more, we want to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and festive season. But we also wanted to share some news and updates about Geeks On Wheels and some of the things we have lined up for 2022, as well as a few tech trends to keep your eyes on – we certainly will be!

1. New Geeks website

While our current website has served us well over the last few years, plans are in place to give it a real revamp and refresh with a launch date in the first quarter of 2022. The results will not only bring a whole new look and feel to the website, but it will give all our customers a much better user experience.

And one of the key areas we’re focusing on is introducing a secure, online booking system. This will allow you to make a fixed-time, advanced booking and pay directly for your on-site service and support appointments with us. So if your home computer or business laptop is playing up for any reason, you can book and pay for your appointment and know you’ll be seen by our IT experts as soon as you arrive.

2. Increased Ubiquiti WiFi set-ups

As many of our clients will know, we already offer high-quality WiFi system and architecture services for both business and home user networks. But 2022 will see us increase our set-up services in both of these areas as we move towards the pro network tech of Ubiquiti.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Ubiquiti, they offer a range of high-performance WiFi tech for everyone from a single home user up to multi-users for global corporations across different sites and regions around the world.

Bringing superfast, seamless, and reliable WiFi connectivity to everyone, everywhere, we’re really excited to be using this system more in the coming months. Even more so as we’ve become one of the leading official distributors of Ubiquiti, designing and developing advanced wireless networks for both indoor and outdoor environments.

3. Helping customers understand Crypto tech

To help and encourage all our customers to make sense of crypto technology, we’re currently developing a web application to understand the current eco-systems of cryptocurrency. Based on significant research, the web app will take a deeper dive and understanding into the world of blockchain, NFT, gaming, and crypto exchange platforms.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency, was released as open-source software in 2009 and is now worth £34,000 per Bitcoin. However, since its release, many other cryptocurrencies have been created with different uses and intentions. Combined, these cryptocurrencies have seen massive growth in 2021 with the entire market cap now standing at over $2.2 trillion. And research shows within the next decade, we could see cryptocurrencies rise from 1% of the world population to over 20%.

Our new web application will provide a better understanding of cryptocurrencies which can be shared with clients once complete.

4. The Which? Trusted Trader Award

We’re really proud of all our positive customer reviews as well as our award-winning track record in helping our customers with all their IT support and services. But one of our proudest achievements was in becoming a Trusted Trader by Which?. This has led to 75 (at the time of writing!) positive reviews left by previous clients and a 5-star overall score for customer service, quality, and value. (If you haven’t already, you can leave us a review on the Which? site now).

And thanks to this, Geeks On Wheels has been busy completing our application for the Which? Trusted Trader Award. With the application now in, we just need to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Wish us luck!

But, it’s not all about us. The digital and tech world continues to evolve on a daily basis, especially after the curveball of Covid-19 changed how we all live and work. New trends are now coming into focus, with an emphasis on tech and consumer behaviour, that will go a long way in helping to simplify all our lives. Here are just a couple of examples…

5. Big advances in AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to move forward at a rapid rate. While already being widely used in healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce tech (customer service chatbots for example), we can expect to see more AI in our homes too. TVs already use AI in voice recognition and to adapt visual and audio outputs to their environment. But we can expect these to be improved to give us even more control in even more areas. And look out for Astro – the household robot on wheels from Amazon for home monitoring, with Alexa.

6. 5G mobile to become the norm

While 5G has had a gradual rollout, being only available for limited networks and larger cities, 2022 is the year where we should see a big increase in coverage and availability across the UK. Giving you mobile internet access, 5G can potentially deliver data speeds up to 10x faster than 4G – way faster than even your ultrafast home broadband.

In time, 5G could potentially replace the need for WiFi for certain customers. But as many businesses continue investing in fast and secure wired connections – and with superfast broadband speeds available for home users to stream and download available now – it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Merry Christmas From Geeks On Wheels

With plenty planned and some exciting tech trends to keep our eyes on, 2022 is already shaping up to be quite the year. And, of course, we’re already looking forward to helping and working with you across the year for all your remote and on-site computer and tech support services – you know how to reach us. And if you need free advice on any of your new Christmas tech, call us anytime!

So we’d like to see out the year by taking this opportunity to thank you for your continued support across this year and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year and 2022!

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