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Apple Mac Repair In Brighton & Hove

If you need Apple repair in Brighton & Hove, then Geeks On Wheels can help from our office in Old Shoreham Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN3 7BD. We offer repair services for all Apple devices, including:

  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • Apple TV

Common Apple Repair Issues We Fix In Brighton & Hove

We offer a wide range of Apple repair Brighton services from our offices in Brighton & Hove specific to Apple products, including items which are notoriously difficult to repair.

If you have a problem with your Apple computer or laptop, we can help. The following are just a selection of the issues we’re able to fix.

  • Damaged MacBook buttons
  • Damaged batteries or batteries that will not charge
  • Damage to the camera on your MacBook
  • Damage to the microphone on your MacBook
  • Damage to the touchpad on your MacBook
  • Issues with the internal components
  • Upgrades to your RAM or storage of your MacBook, Mac Pro or iMac
  • Replacement keyboards for your MacBook, Mac Pro or iMac
  • Data recovery for a variety of devices, including Apple laptops
  • Data backup for Apple laptops and computers
  • Issues connecting to broadband WiFi services including WiFi installation
  • Matters related to networking
  • Problems with overheating, especially on MacBooks
  • Spyware and malware on your Apple devices
  • Ransomware issues
  • Faulty, degraded or broken hard drives, including both solid-state and traditional HDD
  • Charger repairs and replacement if you can no longer charge your batteries
  • Liquid damage and drying

The above list is just a selection of the kind of repair services that we offer for Apple products. Get in touch with our offices in Brighton & Hove today to get a full rundown of our Apple repair Brighton services. If you have a problem with your Apple device, then there’s a good chance that we can help.

We cover a variety of areas throughout the Brighton & Hove region, including West Hove, Aldrington, West Blatchington, Hove Park, Denmark Villas, Courtenay Terrace, Patcham Withdean, Brunswich Town, Elm Grove, Bevendean, Whitehawk, Brighton Marina, Woodingdean, Overingdean, Rottingdean and much much more.

Cracked Or Damaged iMac or MacBook Screens

If you have a cracked iMac or MacBook screen, then we can help. We can carefully remove the old screen, discard the broken components and then check for damage to the displace unit. In most cases, the damage is superficial and only affects the glass or plastic shield covering the screen unit. In severe cases, there can be damage to the LCD screen unit itself, which we can replace for you.

Today’s Apple devices are much more robust than they used to be, utilising technologies like Gorilla Glass. But even new products, when dropped from a height, can suffer substantial damage.

If you have accidentally broken the screen on your Apple device, don’t panic: we’re here to help. We know that you have invested a considerable sum of money in your Apple device and we can help you get it running again like new. We can fix most broken screens, refurbishing them back to their original condition.

If you’ve broken the screen on your Apple device, then give our Apple repair Brighton or IT support Brighton team a call on 01273 686 442.

Overheating Or Slow iMac or MacBook

Apple products, like most other brands, tend to slow down over time. Some defective units can overheat to a disconcerting extent. However, with Geeks On Wheels in Brighton & Hove, you can say goodbye to both overheating and slow performance.

Our dedicated professionals can take your Apple device and perform a full service, getting to the root of the slowdown and overheating issues, and then fixing them.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as swapping out the battery for a new one on compatible devices. On other occasions, we may have to perform some “housekeeping” removing malware and other software which may be compromising performance.

No matter the issue, we will tell you exactly what needs doing before we do it, so you can decide if you would like us to proceed.

Problems With Software And Connecting Your Apple Device To WiFi Networks

Are you struggling to connect your Apple device to WiFi networks? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team of Apple IT professionals can help you resolve all your annoying networking issues and get you connected to your Internet in no time.

And, the best bit about our service? We can tell you what to do over the phone. Our experts have solved hundreds of issues trying to get Apple products to connect to WiFi networks over the years: there’s practically nothing that we can’t solve.

We also help with a variety of software issues, including sign-in problems, updating apps, clearing out cached files and clearing the junk taking up space on your system.

Apple Hard Drive Recovery

All Apple products rely on storage of one kind or another, but sometimes problems can arise where hard drives can become inaccessible. Our award-winning technicians in Brighton & Hove have vast experience with Apple hard drive recovery.

Our Apple and Apple Mac repair service can help you recover all your pictures, photos, music, documents and anything else stored on your device even if they appear lost.

If your hard drive has crashed, we have professional tools that can extract any remaining data and transfer it to a new SDD in a flash – literally.

Apple Upgrades

We all know that Apple products don’t come cheap. Therefore, you want your Apple device to have as much longevity as possible.

Our Apple upgrade service allows you to extend the life of any Apple product with replaceable components. For instance, we can upgrade the RAM on your Apple Mac computer to provide you with more system memory if you want to use it for intensive gaming or video editing tasks.

Similarly, we can upgrade the storage on a wide variety of Apple devices to give you more space to store your videos, movies and games.

Get In Touch With Geeks On Wheels Brighton Today

As a local Apple repair specialist, we cover all aspects of Apple product repair with a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, give our Brighton office a call on 01273 686 442 and we would be happy to help. Get your problems sorted over the phone or take advantage of our collection and return service. For London-based customers, see our Apple repair London page.

For dedicated Apple laptop repairs, also see our laptop repair Brighton service.

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Our prices

Pricing details for our services

Service Price
  Apple General Health Check £54.00
  Apple In-store Rebuild/Upgrade Operating System £90.00
  Apple Repair Collection/Delivery £204.00
  Apple Upgrade Memory SSD Installation                                             from £300.00

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