Cyber Security Services

Geeks on wheels London protects your business from today’s ever-evolving cyber security threats with our cyber security services by applying expert knowledge to prevent intrusion from would-be criminals.

Cyber Security Services in London & Brighton.

Geeks on wheels cyber security services provide secure solutions to companies to protect against cyber security threats. We follow industry standard best practices. There is no real protection against cyber threats, however, keeping systems up to date with the latest security software is a necessity. Geeks on wheels advise clients whether domestic, corporate or SME that they must have multiple backup versions throughout the working day to be completely protected.

Geeks on Wheels partners with many service providers to ensure that your data is secure, like our Office 365 email backup service, which is available and can be restored at a moment’s notice from alternative timestamps throughout the day.

Our cyber security services will also ensure the latest Network security technologies and solutions are in place that will mitigate the threat of a Cyberattack.

Network Penetration testing (or Pen Testing) is conducted onsite by one of our highly skilled Senior Geek technicians. Testing involves a series of aggressive hacking tests and vulnerability scans, penetration tests to expose vulnerabilities that could allow access to unwanted criminals accessing your personal data.

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