Smart home installation in London & Brighton.

Smart Home Installer in London

As Geeks, we love smart technology, so if you need some help with your smart home installation, our smart home installer London team can help.

Router Upgrades

If you have a lot of WiFi connected devices, the router supplied by your Internet service provider may not be up to the job. Let us know how many devices you have and how you use your WiFi and we can fit a new router to give you a faster, more stable network.

WiFi Extension

If you have a large area to cover or have thick walls, your router may not be up to the job on its own. We can extend your WiFi signal, ensuring it covers all areas of your home or business.

Smart Speakers

We install Google, Alexa and HomePod smart speakers and all other brands, such as Sonos and JBL.

Multi-room Audio

Control your music from any device including tablets and phones. Group speakers how you want. Play the same music in multiple rooms at parties, or play a different song in every room.

Smart Lighting

Control the atmosphere of your home from your phone with smart lighting. Dim the lights or switch the glow from warm to cool or switch all the lights off at bedtime.

Smart Plugs

Turn any standard socket into a smart socket. Turn any socket on and off with a phone or tablet, or with your voice if you have a smart speaker. Even works when you’re away from home.

Smart Hubs and Switches

If you have smart devices from many different companies, you may want to install a smart hub, allowing you to manage all your devices from one central control point.

Check out our On-Site IT Support service. Book online and have a technology expert visit and set up your smart devices.

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