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Running a new business is always challenging, but trying to manage your new  website can be frustrating. It can also cost lots of time and money when things go wrong.

Creating your online brand should always begin with your website and there are many important elements you should include.

If you need reliable advice to get you started or you need someone to build or look after your website, Geeks on Wheels can help you.

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professional website design in London & Brighton

What We Offer

Domain Registration

There is nothing more difficult than to make your online brand unique. Geeks On Wheels can help you launch your website on the right domain.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is always tricky and a slowly loading website can divert the potential traffic away from your business. We will help you to publish your website at the right place.

Business Email

If you need help to setup your new professional business emails or would like to manage your current platform, our London team can help.

Bespoke Design

Website that built with pre-made theme is an easy way to get a business online but ensuring your website unique is difficult. As part of our website design process we ensure that we design everything from the ground to meet with your needs.

Mobile Optimised

Every website we develop is optimised on mobile & tablet devices, to ensure excellent performance with responsive design.

SEO Optimised

Do you have difficulties to drive traffic to your business website? We ensure your website will rank for the right keywords and get you find on the first page.

Lighthouse Optimised

As part of our website design process, we ensure that your website performance, accessibility, and user experience are optimised with high standards.


Our London based website design team is CMS specialist, which allows us to adapt and customise a powerful and future proof system what suit your needs.

Social Media

Our London based website design team will build your website using API coding to link your social media accounts.


Every website we develop includes SSL encryption to ensure that your website and its data on it kept secure.

Cloud Backup

Hosting your website without cloud backup, like running your business without insurance. Our London design team will ensure your website has cloud backup, so you can sit back and relax.

Business Website Design in London & Brighton

Website design prices

Pricing details for our services

  Design Services Pricing From
  Startup Business Website £500.00
  Small Business  Website £1000.00
  Medium Business Website £2000.00
  Large Business Website £5000.00

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