Wifi Installation Services For Homes & Businesses In London, Brighton & Across The UK

The modern world requires us to access the Internet every day, and proper wifi installation and management make it possible 24/7 at home or work.

Geeks On Wheels provide top wifi setup and management services for homes and businesses throughout the UK at the most affordable prices.

Wifi Installations – High-Quality Wifi Services For Homes And Businesses

Wifi technologies are changing with an incredible speed to become faster, smaller, smarter, safer, more effective, and seamless for all the diverse needs of home and business uses.

The Geeks On Wheels specialists follow the latest innovations and updates all the time to make sure that we satisfy your desires according to space parameters, speed rate, capability, design specifics, etc. Let us help you make your wireless network setup and management simple, productive, and less time-consuming.

Here is a list of the most popular Geeks On Wheels consulting and development wifi services:

  • Home and Business Wi-Fi Setup,
  • Home and Business Wi-Fi Improvement,
  • Wi-Fi Monitoring,
  • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting,
  • Connection of Your Wireless Devices,
  • Wi-Fi Speed Optimization,
  • Network Security.

Problems With Your Wifi? Here’s What To Take Into Account First

The time when wifi installation was an effortless procedure has gone far away. With all those devices occurring to simplify our routine (smart home appliances and voice-control devices, streaming television, etc.), problems with wifi may start from the very beginning. Imagine how stressed a modern wifi network is now compared to the old ones that didn’t know about connecting all the stuff starting from a bulb or a plug: multiple laptops, PCs, iPhones, iPads, printer(s), a music system, humidifier/ionizer/purifier, washing machine, microwave oven, dishwasher, cameras, etc. – almost all at the same time!

It is essential to choose a device or a network capable of all the duties or tasks you want to assign (and even more for possible prospects). As wifi devices are becoming more and more powerful and functional, choosing and dealing with them can also become a pressing issue.

We advise you to think ahead and reach out to wifi specialists to make your network perfectly functioning from the very beginning. It is more complex and may be more expensive to fix than to set up correctly.

Contact Geeks On Wheels to install wifi fast and strong enough for your coverage area, better reception, users’ quantity, and connected devices. We’ll consult you on the best options for your particular case at home, other property, in the office for business, or other establishments as well as give tips on how to boost your wifi signal.

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7 Day “No Quibble” Guarantee

We provide a 7 day “no quibble” money-back guarantee, so if we are unable to fix your problem, you will receive an immediate full refund. What’s more, if your problem re-occurs within 7 days, we will fix it again, free of charge. Customer service is paramount to us, so if it can be fixed, we will fix it.

How Can We Help You Achieve Wifi Throughout Your Location?

Geeks On Wheels specialists will analyse all the parameters our clients give us to come to the best solution. We will ask you to provide information about whether the network functions indoors and/or outdoors. Other essential information will include area dimension, area purpose (home, school, stadium, etc.), needs, possible connected devices, building architectural specifics (extra strong obstacles, etc.), highest possible number of users and security status (standard, advanced).

We’ll come to the most appropriate decision on the quantity and placement of wifi routers, base stations, and access points. Our team will make sure you get high-performance wifi all over your home or place of work.  You may also find this guide helpful on top reasons why you have slow wifi.

For those clients who have already installed wifi in their homes, we’ll provide services of troubleshooting and development. If you installed your device incorrectly, didn’t consider the load of your home appliances, or in case of any other malfunctioning, we’ll improve your home network. The performance of your wifi will be high and powerful.

Geeks On Wheels specialists will need information about your area (indoor/outdoor, size, number of floors, etc.), users and devices. You should also provide some details about your current wireless network (specifications, placement) and the reasons for improvement (renovation, malfunctioning, low coverage, etc.).

The improvement of wifi performance in business premises depends on the same general parameters as home wifi (outdoor/indoor; area dimensions; the number of users; connected devices; building specifics; etc.).

However, a wireless business network tends to be larger and more complicated. For many business needs, the wifi security level has to be of greater importance.

To make your wifi system safer and more powerful, we can help incorporate advanced seamless access points into your existing network without building a new one.

New tech is always a great investment for your business. When you partner up with an IT support company like Geeks On Wheels, we will always make sure that you have the latest tech you need for your company to thrive.

We will make sure that your mobile devices are all up to par and at their best, along with the updated firmware for each system. Our in house team of professionals can also set you up with the latest versions of any software that you need without it costing you extra, and will keep your hardware up to par.

By arranging and paying for your IT support services upfront, it will save you time and money in the long run.

Having access to our IT service desk whenever you need, means that you won’t have to spend excessive money on expensive troubleshooting calls. You’ll pay for your service subscription upfront and will have access to our professionals whenever and however you need them.

That way, you can quickly track down problems and fix them without spending your whole budget on guesswork.

Looking How To Fix Wifi Problems Yourself?

We understand that there isn’t one universal 100%-effective treatment for all the issues you can have but want to share some useful advice you may find helpful to consider before reaching out to specialists. It may also speed up the solution to your problem by professionals.

Here are the most common tips to fix wifi malfunctioning:

  • make sure you set a unique password for your network;
  • update;
  • reset your router;
  • relocate your wifi router – the more central position it has, the better;
  • extend your wireless network for full area coverage;
  • if your Internet connection is low, contact your ISP;
  • change the channel on your router;
  • disconnect devices;
  • use tools for wifi troubleshooting;
  • change the router.

You may also find this article helpful: 10 Troubleshooting Tips for Dealing With Slow Internet.

Still Experiencing Wifi Issues? Then We Can Help

Geeks On Wheels will certainly help you with any malfunctioning (no signal, slow signal, low speed, can’t find a device, no connection, etc.). We are a leading consulting and development company.

Here is a list of the most common wifi issues our clients’ experience:

  • slow or no Internet access in certain places (parts of the building, rooms) or everywhere;
  • no Internet connection;
  • no device(s) in your network (won’t connect);
  • connections drop.

We can deal with all of them and even much more.

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Geeks On Wheels WiFi Specialists In London & Brighton

Geeks On Wheels are IT solution specialists. We boast excellent knowledge of wifi devices, the Internet, and networking – the features and architecture. Our specialists gained this outstanding knowledge through experience over a considerable period of time.

We are communicative and always ready to assist our clients and do it in the best way. Our wifi specialists can perform essential job responsibilities alone or as a part of our devoted team of multifunctional professionals, performing advanced cross-subject technical activities.

Choose Geeks On Wheels and we’ll consult you about any questions and issues of installing and managing your wireless network.

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